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I've been doing this forever

Writing professionally since before you were born. Former National Editor at Sun Media. Freelance writer, editor and project manager. I know good people who say nice things about my work. I can introduce you. Come to think of it, you really should meet them. They're awesome.

Gluten and ego-free

What do you need? How can I help you solve a problem? This isn't about me. It's about how good writing and editing can help communicate your message to your audience. Let's talk.

Where there are words, there's a way

The success of every business boils down to good communication. Whether you're looking for compelling feature content, instructional video scripts, full publications from concept to production, accurate transcription or a good copy scrub, I have the experience and the expertise to make it happen, so you're free to concentrate on what you do. Also, I won a short story contest once. So there's that.

What I Charge

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